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At 4Kast Capital, we are guided by a few core principles.  We believe in the power of the entrepreneurial spirit as a force which drives business growth and innovation.  Our goal is to nurture and support this spirit, by providing access to financial expertise and strategic vision to accelerate the growing entrepreneurial business.  We are in essence an outsourced Chief Financial Officer, the go-to-team for all financial matters to entrepreneurs across Southern Ontario.  We are dedicated to a significant and meaningful level of involvement.  It is also our fundamental belief that success is created through continually stretching toward new standards of excellence.  Finally, we strive to measure ourselves against exacting standards of conduct, and are committed to dealing with others honestly, fairly, respectfully and with the highest standards of integrity.

Our Mission
At 4Kast Capital, our mission is to be the partner of choice for small to medium sized businesses who require financial expertise to get their businesses to the next level.
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